On This Day in IUPUI History: June 28, 1982

June 28, 1982. 

On this day, IUPUI faculty across a broad swath of schools and disciplines participated in the start of a two-week workshop to study "Third World" populations. The IUPUI Office of International Programs and the Division of Continuing Education sponsored the project, which was open to all comers. Upper-level undergraduate and graduate students were encouraged to attend for course credit. The workshop met in the School of Nursing building.

On weekdays mornings from June 28 to July 14 (except July 5), participants learned about the Third World's geography, demographics, migrations and population movements, population growth and efforts to control growth, housing problems, political stability, cross-cultural communication, disease transmission, medicinal drug distribution, treatment of drug and alcohol abuse, and more. 

Of course, the term Third World reflected a Cold-War-era overriding preoccupation with the conflict between the First World, aka "free world" states, and the Second World "Communist bloc" dominated by the Soviet Union/Warsaw Pact and the People's Republic of China. The Third World were those states in Asia, Africa, and South America that the First and Second Worlds were fighting over. The Fourth World was those populations that neither the First nor Second Worlds bothered about.

During the latter stages of the workshop, in July, IUPUI was the site of a major track-and-field competition between the USA and the Soviet Union which had strong Cold-War overtones. The track meet was the first for the new Track Stadium. A number of athletes from African countries also competed. It was a time of great tension between the US and the USSR, with the "Third World" held in the balance between them.

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To learn more about IUPUI's part in geopolitical conflict, please look into records in the IUPUI Special Collections and Archives. Contact staff at speccoll@iupui.edu.

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