On This Day in IUPUI History: June 19, 1969

June 19, 1969. 

On this day, IUPUI's 38th Street Campus reported student registrations in summer Purdue University courses were at an all-time high of 1755. This was, officials noted, a ten-percent increase over the previous year. Registrar's office staff ascribed the increase to two factors: course fees would increase 33 percent come fall registration, and a "noticeable lack" of summer jobs.

Days later, IUPUI chancellor Maynard K. Hine announced that overall summer enrollments across all city locations and schools were up 12 percent, which he ascribed to the "increasing quality and quantity of academic programs" after the January merger. He added that many new full-time students were enrolling in arts and sciences courses on the Downtown Campus, which was, he said, "the principal undergraduate unit of any university and...is the absolutely necessary base for the development of excellent graduate programs in the humanities, sciences, and professions."

IUPUI's graduate and professional schools also reported increased summer enrollments, with Herron School of Art's announcement of an increase from 59 summer students to 158 being the most dramatic. 

One reason for enrollment increases at IUPUI may have been the visible construction then underway on the Downtown Campus buildings: what later were named Cavanaugh Hall, Lecture Hall, and the Blake Street Library. As well, University Hospital and a new building for Riley Hospital for Children were under construction. Students in the city may have seen the physical development on the campus and wanted to get in "on the ground floor."  

Riley Hospital construction, 1969 UA24-004225

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