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Computer / Technology Usage

Guest Computer IDs are available to patrons over the age of 18 upon presentation of a Photo ID, and their valid IUPUI University Library Borrower's Card with the status of Indiana Resident. Guest Computer ID accounts are only for use on the computers in the University Library and are only valid on the day they are issued. You must request a new ID each day that you would like to use a library computer.

For help using online US government publications, consult our government information librarian, Ted Polley, at sends e-mail) or 317-274-8552.

Students aged 17 and younger

Students considered minors may use their parent or guardian's account, as long as the parent or guardian is present to supervise use of the computer.  


All computer users are asked to follow University Library's computer use policies. In addition to following these guidelines, it is the responsibility of the Library Guest ID owner to secure the confidentiality of the Library Guest ID and password. Please do not share your Guest ID and password with anyone. All lost or stolen Guest IDs should be immediately reported at the University Library Service & Information Desk or by calling (317) 274-0472.

The library reserves the right to refuse any Library Guest ID application or revoke any Library Guest ID if the owner fails to abide by all computing and network policies of IUPUI University Library and Indiana University.

University Library also reserves the right to block the system-wide library privileges of any user if the address on file is no longer valid.

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