University Library Open Education Award winner Robin Janson garners international recognition

Winner of IUPUI University Library's inaugural Open Education Awards, Dr. Robin Janson, recently received international recognition from the Coko Foundation for her groundbreaking work in Open Educational Resources (OER). Janson's freely licensed 3D bone models were awarded an Open Publishing Award in the category of Open Content alongside projects from South Africa, India, and the global resource Wikidata.

Dr. Janson is a Clinical Assistant Professor from the Department of Occupational Therapy in IUPUI's School of Health and Human Sciences. She uses a free, downloadable open source repository of digital designs (Thingiverse) to create a proportional upper limb bone anatomical model that can be 3D printed and assembled.  Thingiverse is an open website that allows people to make, share, and discover 3D models.  In addition to using the upper limb models during classroom and lab instruction, students are able to check out the models for home study. Dr. Janson will be presenting this exciting work at IUPUI's Advancing Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference on November 8.

IUPUI University Library congratulates Dr. Janson on this well-deserved honor!

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