International Data Privacy Day @ IU

Data Privacy Day is on January 28, 2018 ( IU is participating or hosting several events, listed below.

At IU, we will be releasing the much improved user interface for the DSH (Data Sharing and Handling) Tool the week of January 22nd. Do you have questions about how to use, store, or share data at IU? Use the DSH Tool to get answers!

Educause celebrates Data Privacy Month by sharing guest blogs on privacy in the Security Matters column in January and February 2018. You might be interesting in checking those out over the next couple of weeks.

Educause and the Higher Ed-CPO group will be hosting a webinar with the Department of Ed’s Chief Privacy Officer on January 25. Registration is now open at EDUCAUSE Live! webinar with Kathleen Styles (online; recording will be available after the event)

You may also be interested in joining the NCSA’s Data Privacy Day event - live from LinkedIn (San Francisco, CA & online).

Stay tuned for Love Data Week activities February 12 - 16th! One of the themes this year is "we are data" which will touch on issues of data privacy and ethics.

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