Creating Cultural Heritage and Faculty Research Digital Collections: Less about process and more about human interaction

The evolution of creating a digital project includes various steps moving from project idea to digital collection.  While the idea to digitize is simple in theory, there are different ways to approach the digitization process. The creation of a massive digitization project is markedly different than that of a cultural heritage institution collection or faculty research project.  The goal of mass digitization is not to create collections but to digitize everything, or in this case, every book every printed (Colye, 2006). The creation of digital collections for cultural heritage institutions and faculty research projects is less about the methodology of digitization and more about the human interaction between the partnering institutions.  The interaction becomes a personal journey of selection and description of materials that strives to capture and provide online access to the history of the institution.

To find out more about how to preserve and provide access to the history of your institution send us e-mail or give us a call.  We would love to walk you through the steps to creating a digital collection.

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