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The library can request that a person return a book they have borrowed before it is due. This is called a recall. 


1.  A service that helps people find needed information. 

2. Sometimes "reference" refers to reference collections, such as encyclopedias, indexes, handbooks, directories, etc. 

3. A citation to a work is also known as a reference.

Reference Section

An area of the library with materials that provide quick and easy-to-understand information on a topic. For example, a dictionary provides information on the meaning of words. An almanac will have a calendar and statistical information on a topic such as farming or sports.

Remote Access

The ability to log onto (or access) networked computer resources from a distant location. Remote access makes available library databases to students researching from home, office, or other locations outside the library.


If you have borrowed a book from University Library and it is due, you can extend the deadline on your borrowing period by "renewing" the book. You can call to renew a book or log onto your IUCAT account.

Request Delivery

The service University Library does to get a book for you from another IU campus is called Request Delivery. When you use the "Request This" button in IUCAT, you are accessing the Request Delivery system.

Research Question

A research question is a question that researchers want to answer through doing research. It may not be written down, but it should be clear through the methods and findings of the research paper what the author's main question is. A research question is similar to a thesis statement, but is phrased in the form of a question.


1. A service providing special, often short-term, access to course-related materials (book or article readings, lecture notes, sample tests) or to other materials (CD-ROMs, audio-visual materials, current newspapers or magazines). 

2. Also the physical location—often a service desk or room—within a library where materials on reserve are kept. Materials can also be made available electronically. See also Course Reserve or Electronic Reserve.

Rich Media Cluster

The fourth floor computers in the rich media cluster have more software programs available on them than the other computers. They are also the only computers in the library where you can download programs from IUware.