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In-Text Citation

An in-text citation is a shorter piece of information included in the body of a piece of writing that directs a reader to the full citation at the end [often found on the Works Cited, References, or Bibliography page(s) of the piece of writing]. It typically only includes the author’s last name, and sometimes a page number.


1. A list of names or topics—usually found at the end of a publication—that directs you to the pages where those names or topics are discussed within the publication. 

2. A printed or electronic publication that provides references to periodical articles or books by their subject, author, or other search terms.

Institutional Repository

An institutional repository is an online collection of an institution's scholarly papers, deposited by their authors. Authors can include undergraduate and graduate students, staff and faculty. Our institutional repository is called ScholarWorks and its maintained by the staff of University Library’s Center for Digital Scholarship.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

A book and journal article delivery service where you can request items that are not found at the IUPUI University Library. Access ILL at https://ill.ulib.iupui.edu/ILLiad/IUP/logon.html


The International Standard Book Number is a unique number that identifies a specific book edition.


The International Standard Serials Number is a unique number that identifies a specific journal title.


The library catalog for the Indiana University system is called IUCAT. The catalog is an online and public list of resources a library owns or provides access to that you can search.