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1. A field is a defined piece of data, like author's name or book title, that can be searched in an online search interface. It is represented by a space that is labelled, like the Title or Author field.

2. A field can also be a discipline or area of study, like Mathematics.

Field searching

Electronic records are organized into separate fields. When information is entered into a record's field, some search engines allow for retrieval by using the field label in combination with search terms entered. Field searching allows users to specify exactly where they want the search engine to look in the Web document. 

Flash Drive

A small portable device for storing computerized information. A flash drive, sometimes called a thumb drive, can plug into the USB (Universal Serial Bus) port of any computer and store electronic information. 

Full text

Full text of a document is the entire contents of the documents including all the words of an article or book. It can be in PDF format or HTML format (like a webpage). A database will allow you to download or print the full text of an article or document.