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Of or related to published literature. A bibliographic record of a book includes the information required to create a citation (title, author, etc.) and may also include other descriptions of the book and its content. A catalog record of a book is an example of a bibliographic record that also has information about where the book is located.


A list of citations for books, periodicals, government documents, and other materials. Typically, the citations are listed in alphabetical order, but it may depend on the citation style you use [for example, Modern Language Association (MLA), American Psychological Association (APA), or Council of Science Editors (CSE)].

Book Review

A book review is information about a book that judges its content and quality. Book reviews can be scholarly and are written by academics for other scholars or they can be written for a general audience by a journalist or volunteer. They can contain literary criticism, but do not have to.

Boolean Search

A Boolean search uses the connectors AND, OR, and NOT to create search statements. AND, OR, and NOT each have logical functions and make your search produce specific results. For example, a search for 'cats AND dogs' will find information about BOTH, but a search for 'cats OR dogs' will find information about EITHER animal but not necessarily both in the same information  source.


The library allows people to borrow, or "check out," a book for free for a certain amount of time. You must return or renew the book at the due date of the borrowing period. You can check loan periods and borrowing limits.

Bound Journal (Bound Periodical)

Journals are usually printed on paper, like a magazine or other periodical. To preserve them, the library sends them to a bindery to have the paper journals put inside of a hard book cover, or "binding." Hardback books or hardcover books are another example of bound materials.


A software program that enables users to access Internet resources. Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge are all browsers.