Metrics Support for Promotion & Tenure

The team at University Library supports faculty of all ranks and status in the responsible use of research metrics and evidence. We do this by providing three types of service: consultations, workshops, and DIY resources to empower faculty to tell their story.


We offer consultations on a number of topics - creating scholarly profiles (i.e., ORCID or Google Scholar), publishing and dissemination, digital scholarship projects, research metrics, and more.

When a faculty asks for metrics in support of their P&T case, we meet with them indvidually to learn about their scholarship and case. We then process their CV and gather metrics and evidence related to those scholarly products. These metrics and evidence are then summarized into a report, which is sent to the faculty member.

Request a consultation by emailing


We are happy to provide workshops customized to the needs of your research group or department. A list of previously offered workshop topics is below, but we are happy to develop and customize new experiences.

  • Manage your digital identity/scholarly profiles - This session is a mix of introductory information, demonstration, and hands-on application.
  • Share freely - This session is intended to help scholars navigate the dissemination process, not just for articles and books, but also datasets, code, digital projects, and more.
  • Gather evidence - This session is a mix of introductory information about a defined set of metrics, with hands-on experience navigating the systems that provide them.
  • Tell your story - In this session, we use examples to drive discussion of how to report and talk about the available metrics and evidence in your P&T dossier, funding proposal, or award application.

DIY Resources

Check out our recipes for gathering metrics and evidence at


cholorpleth map of citations across the globe, shaded by country


"I was greatly surprised when I realized that the help I can receive from library services at my school goes way beyond the typical help to find articles not available in my campus.  I was initially feeling overwhelmed with the paperwork I need to put together to create my P&T Dossier…It was such a huge relieve (sic) when after talking with the Health Sciences Librarian I received a detailed and well classified set of different types of metrics for my work. I used this to create and better support my personal statement as well as other documents to include with my dossier. This has been a very appreciated help, it saved me a lot of time and effort that I have been able to invest in other aspects of my work."   

-- Max Jacobo-Moreno, Fairbanks School of Public Health

More Support

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