Jere Odell, MA, MLS


As a Scholarly Communication librarian, I promote and support open access dissemination practices at IUPUI. These include IUPUI's Open Access Policy, the IUPUI Open Access Publishing Fund, and the institutional repository (IUPUI ScholarWorks). I also assist with the library's open access journal publishing service. In addition to advocating for new forms of scholarly communication, I provide education and consultation services relevant to authorship, metrics for impact, fair use and authors' rights.

Prior to joining University Library, I worked as an embedded librarian in the IU Center for Bioethics, where I managed a special collection of bioethics resources while collaborating on information ethics, research ethics, community engagement and health policy projects.

For a complete list of works, see ORCID: 0000-0001-5455-1471.

Areas of Expertise: Open Access, Copyright, Fair Use, Publishing, Scholarly Communications, Research Metrics

Research Interests: Cultures of scholarly communications; reward structures and metrics for academic review

Projects and Publications: 

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Jere Odell
Scholarly Communication Librarian

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