Heather Coates


As a data librarian, I provide support for managing data throughout the research process. This includes developing data management plans, documenting research and data processes, data retention and archiving, and facilitating data sharing to meet funder and publisher requirements. As a member of the Center for Digital Scholarship, I also support research more broadly. This support takes the form of consultations, training, resources, and assistance navigating IU research support services. Working with others in the Center, I support open dissemination of scholarship in many forms and the responsible use of research metrics as evidence for career advancement. Key goals of these services are to enable equal access to the many products of research and promote research integrity through greater openness in research processes.

Areas of Expertise: Research data management, data information literacy instruction, data sharing/open data, citation metrics and altmetrics, evidence based practice, research integrity

Research Interests: The role of data management and curation in promoting transparency, accountability, and public access to academic research. Open science, open data, open access as means to improve the integrity of the scholarly record and advance our understanding of the world. 

Projects and Publications: 

Selected Publications
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Digital Projects

  • Co-founder of the Metrics Toolkit, an open resource for researchers and evaluators that provides guidance for demonstrating and evaluating claims of research impact.


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  • Foster, E. D. & Coates, H. L. (2019). Raising the Visibility of Protected Data: A Pilot Data Catalog Project. In D. Haugh & D. Chase (Eds.), Open Praxis, Open Access: Digital Scholarship in Action. Chicago, IL: ALA Editions.
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  • Coates, H. L. (2016). Training researchers how to manage data to produce better results, enable reuse, and provide for long-term access. In S. Hoffman (Ed.) Dynamic Research Support for Academic Libraries. London: Facet Publishing. Purchase the book or download the preprint of my chapter.
  • Odell, J., Coates, H., Palmer, K. (2016). Rewarding open access scholarship in promotion and tenure: Driving institutional change. College and Research Libraries News, 77(7), 322-325. Access the column
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Heather L. Coates, MLS, MS
Digital Scholarship & Data Management Librarian

Call: (317) 278-7125
Email: hcoates@iupui.edu
Office: UL 1115G

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