Eric Snajdr


As a science librarian I connect IUPUI students and faculty with science information through activities such as instruction and reference. As a member of the Center for Digital Scholarship my aim is to help faculty broaden the impact of their scholarship by preserving the products of their research as well as making it accessible to the world. Before joining IUPUI University Library, I spent about a decade working as a Research Associate in Biology, IU Bloomington. Recently, I expanded my role of scientific researcher to include the role “data curator”. Using IU’s institutional repository, IUScholarWorks, we created a public archive ( for data and documents resulting from over 30 years of research on an abundant North American songbird, the dark-eyed junco, Junco hyemalis.

Interests: e-science, data curation, scholarly communication in the sciences

Projects and Publications: 

Denton, R. and Snajdr, E.A.  2014. Integrating Chemical Information Skills in a Problem-Based Second Semester Organic Chemistry Laboratory toward the Synthesis of Adipic Acid.  Chemical Educator, 19: 64-69. 

Konkiel, S., Snajdr, E.A., and Marshall, B.  2013. Tools and workflows for building a collaborative, library-based data management service.  Library and Information Technology Association National Forum.  Louisville, KY.

Snajdr, E.A. Data Curation and Management in Libraries, Possible Liaison Librarian Roles. The Association of College and Research Libraries Conference. Indianapolis, IN, April 2013. Poster Presentation

Ordinary Extraordinary Junco, Remarkable biology from a backyard bird!  2012.  Documentary Film (88 minutes).  Synopsis: This documentary focuses on a common songbird of North America and conveys key themes in evolution, animal behavior and the scientific process.  Eric Snajdr’s Roles: Field Production Assistant and Archival Consultant.

Alibi, J., Huisman, R., Lacy, M., Miller, W., Snajdr, E.A., J. Trinoskey, W. Weare. 2012. By and For Us: The Development of a Peer Review of Teaching Program by and for Pre-Tenure Librarians. Collaborative Librarianship, 4: 165-174.

Snajdr, E.A. and E.D. Ketterson. 2011. Preserving field notes on songbird biology at Indiana University. Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and Smithsonian Institution Archives - Field Book Project Website. Published online June 23, 2011.

Snajdr, E.A. 2011. E-science and libraries (for non science librarians). Proceedings of the 11th Annual Brick and Click Libraries: Academic Library Symposium. Maryville, Missouri, November 4, 2011.

McGlothlin, J.W., Whittaker, D.J., Schrock, S.E., Gerlach, N.M, Jawor, J.M., Snajdr, E.A., and E.D. Ketterson. 2010. Natural selection on testosterone production in a wild songbird population. American Naturalist, 175: 687-701.

Snajdr, E.A. Behavioral data - management, archiving, and sharing: advantages of using a library online repository. Joint meeting of the International Ethological Conference and the Animal Behavior Society. Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, July 25th - July 30th, 2011. Contributed Poster.

Snajdr, E.A. 2010. Data curation in avian ecology: a case study from both the scientist’s and librarian's viewpoints. Proceedings of the 31st Annual Conference of the International Association of Science and Technological Libraries. Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN.

Snajdr, E.A. In depth chemical information instruction culminating in a student-designed laboratory experiment in undergraduate organic chemistry. Abstracts of the American Chemical Society’s 239th Annual Meeting. San Francisco, CA, March 20, 2010. 

Eric Snajdr
Liaison Librarian for Dept. of Chemistry and Chemical Biology Dept. of Psychology

Call: (317) 278-2778
Office: UL 3135B