Open Access Policy

What is IUPUI Open Access Policy?

  • This campus-wide policy was adopted by the IUPUI Faculty Council on October 7th, 2014.
  • The IUPUI Library Faculty Council passed the IUPUI Library Faculty Deposit Mandate on April 5, 2009.
  • This policy shows IUPUI's commitment to disseminating the fruits of research and scholarship as widely as possible.
  • Participation increases readership and citation rates.

Three Easy Options

Opt Out

  • The opt-out provision ensures that all authors have the freedom to publish in the journal of their choice.

Key Features of the Policy

  • Increases readership and citation rates.
  • Honors academic freedom and copyright.
  • Facilitates compliance with NIH and other public access policies.
  • Scholarly articles - not book chapters, presentations or posters.
  • Accepted manuscripts after peer review: word processing files with tables and figures.
  • Opt out for any article - no questions asked.
  • Library-supported uploads to IUPUI Scholarworks (900,000 downloads per year, stable hyperlinks, indexed by academic search tools, embargo features).

For assistance and FAQs, please visit the IUPUI Open Access Policy Portal.

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