What is Digital Scholarship?



A digital collection of information for further study and analysis

Creating Digital Collecions


Appropriate tools and services for collection-building, analyses and study of collections



Digital collections and analytical tools to generate new intellectual products

Mission of the IUPUI University Library Center for Digital Scholarship

The IUPUI University Library Center for Digital Scholarship enriches the research capabilities of scholars at IUPUI, within Indiana communities, and beyond by:

  • Digitally disseminating unique scholarship, data, and artifacts created by IUPUI faculty, students, staff and community partners;
  • Advocating for the rights of authors, fair use, and open access to information and publications;
  • Implementing and promoting best-practices for creation, description, preservation, sharing, and reuse of digital scholarship, data, and artifacts;
  • Strategically applying research-supporting technologies;
  • Teaching digital literacy.

This mission is accomplished through focus on the following activities:

  • Digitization of scholarly, historical, and cultural content
  • Development and hosting of digital collections
  • Creating open access to IUPUI theses, dissertations, and doctoral papers
  • Supporting the dissemination of faculty scholarship in the institutional repositories, IUPUIScholarWorks and IUPUIDataWorks
  • Hosting open journal publishing software and providing related consultations regarding editing and peer review
  • Data management planning and data sharing support
  • Consulting for federal public access policy compliance needs
  • Digital humanities support and consulting
  • Author's rights and copyright consulting
  • Digitization standards and practices consulting
  • Providing information and instruction on the evolution of scholarly communications, digital libraries and best practices in digital scholarship
  • Connecting researchers with appropriate experts and services within the University Library, at IUPUI, or beyond
  • Archiving digital scholarship and artifacts
  • Providing and assessing impact and usage metrics for digital scholarship

Digital Scholarship Selection Criteria

As a means of ensuring that this program of digital scholarship remains in accordance with the Mission of University Library and IUPUI the following criteria are to be used as an aid in evaluating whether projects will be a good return on investment, and to help in establishing a strong rationale when requesting support from internal or external sources. The criteria are designed to assess strengths and weaknesses and promote an analytical approach, but they do not have equal weight, and not all may be relevant to any given project.

  • The project provides significant support for IUPUI research and instruction.
  • There are faculty and library advocates for the project.
  • The project's intrinsic value will ensure long-term use by a significant audience within and/or beyond the IUPUI community.
  • The project can be completed with available funding, or has the potential to generate funding through grants, donors, or other external fund sources.
  • The project will strengthen or enhance an existing IUPUI University Library resource or become part of an important virtual collection.
  • IUPUI has intellectual property rights to the content and can manage any required restrictions to access, or can realistically solve any rights issues.
  • The project falls within traditional areas of library service or moves our services in a direction consonant with the University Library's strategic directions.
  • The project advances sustainable models for scholarly publishing.
  • The project brings credit to the University Library in a manner likely to generate further digital scholarship projects and funding.
  • The project has local or regional importance, and represents an effort only the University Library can initiate.
  • The project is reasonable, practical, and achievable.
  • The project saves money in the long term by eliminating the need to acquire resources, or by freeing up staff time.
  • The project creates or sustains a partnership that the University Library will find valuable for future development.
  • There is a compelling argument for digitizing material that is deteriorating.
  • The project will expand our technical infrastructure or contribute to the development of national digital library standards.

Supporting Missions

It is with the following important Mission, Vision, and Value statements in mind that IUPUI University Library supports a program of digital scholarship.

University Library's mission in part states that we:

  • Collect, organize, and assist in the use of the record of human understanding
  • Preserve the records of the past
  • Help individuals inform themselves in the present
  • Shape the information environment for the future
  • Promote excellence in learning
  • Serve as a gateway for information
  • Create unique scholarly resources
  • Enhance the availability of scholarly information for the residents of Indiana

University Library's Vision,

To be the innovative leader among urban university libraries.

University Library's Values in part states that we value:

  • Creativity and innovation
  • Collaboration and teamwork

IUPUI's mission in part states that we:

  • Advance the State of Indiana and the intellectual growth of its citizens to the highest levels nationally and internationally through research and creative activity, teaching and learning, and civic engagement
  • Promote educational, cultural, and economic development of central Indiana and beyond through innovative collaborations, external partnerships, and a strong commitment to diversity

IUPUI's Statement of Values states that we:

  • Value the opportunities afforded by our location in Indiana's capital city and are committed to serving the needs of our community.

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