Digital Scholarship Fund

IUPUI University Library and the Center for Digital Scholarship is pleased to sponsor the Digital Scholarship Fund. This fund provides up to $5000 to encourage innovative research at the intersection of information technology and academic disciplines as well as to develop digital collections that advance the recipient’s research.  

Recipients of the fund use this opportunity to explore new modes of analysis, creation and dissemination in which technology plays a significant role. These projects often expand the availability and impact of the content or scholarship.  

IUPUI University Library requires one-on-one consultation with a member of the Center for Digital Scholarship prior to submitting an application to help applicants focus the proposal and make sure its scope is realistic and in keeping with the fund’s goals.   

Project Duration:
Scholarly projects can be planned for any length of time, up to one calendar year.  However, the project may take place over more than a year because it may be necessary to perform additional research during the course of a project.  Researchers engaged in longer-term projects should not hesitate to apply; the scholarly grant project can serve as a prototype for further funding from external funding agencies.

Full-time, Part-time, and Adjunct faculty are eligible to apply for funding.   

IUPUI University Library is cognizant of and adheres to best practices and standards for digital scholarship.  In addition, it is actively involved in developing new standards and developing the capabilities of our digital repository infrastructure.  All data creation and metadata enrichment will be done in accordance with these standards and incorporated into all digital collections.    

Proposals may encompass a variety of tasks related to digital scholarship, including:

  • digitization of analog materials
  • creation of metadata
  • import of content into the Open Journal System
  • address copyright restrictions
  • curation of data for sharing and re-use
  • aggregating information across multiple sources for scholarship or community use.

Project Narrative Considerations (no longer than 2000 words):

  • The project goals and outcomes
  • How the project will fit into your larger research aims or issues in your field
  • The role of technology in achieving project’s aims
  • Proposed time frame for the project
  • Student assistants or other collaborators who are already identified
  • Potential contributions from faculty research or other grant funds
  • Future development of this project

Individual consultations with IUPUI University Library staff by appointment:
Proposals due: Ongoing

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