Open Research

What is Open Research?

Open research involves openness across all phases of the research life cycle. It is also a movement with the goal of making scientific research, including publications, data, lab notebooks, code, and more accessible to anyone, regardless of their education or affiliation.

Key Ideas

Why Open Research?

Learn more and check out the fabulous comics at Why Open Research?.

How can I do Open Research?

  1. Share your work as it happens
  2. Share your data in machine readable formats, with annotations supporting reuse, and choose a reuse friendly license
  3. Make your publications Open Access by choosing an OA journal or depositing in an open repository
  4. Take control of your copyrights - know your rights, keep them, and tell others how your work can be used

For more ideas, see Erin McKiernan's pledge to be open.

Resources & Projects

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