Funder Policies


Many funders, both federal agencies and foundations, have policies and requirements for data management or data sharing plans submitted along with proposals. See the list below for these requirements. If you would like help to develop a plan for data management or sharing, contact Heather Coates.

Data Management Plan (DMP) Overview

A data management plan generally describes the data to be generated or used and how you will manage it throughout the project and afterwards to ensure it is available. DMP included in funding agency proposals are generally brief and include broad summaries, while functional DMP tend to be longer and include greater detail about personnel roles and responsibilities, data storage, quality assurance and control, archiving, and sharing. A good data sharing plan describes what data will be shared, how it will be accessed, the permissions and rights for users, and guidelines for attribution (e.g., data citation).

Federal Funding Agency Requirements

Foundation & Other Funder Requirements

DMP Templates & Examples

Contact Heather Coates for customized DMP or for advice dealing with complex data management issues.

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