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Why Cite Data?

Data is a valued output of the research process and is increasingly viewed as a commodity. Funders such as the National Institutes of Health allow inclusion of a variety of scholarly products, including datasets in biosketches submitted with funding proposals.

  • enabling easy reuse and verification of data
  • allowing the impact of data to be tracked
  • creating a scholarly structure that recognises and rewards data producers (DataCite)

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How to Cite Data?

  • DataCite recommended elements

    Creator (PublicationYear): Title. Publisher. Identifier

  • DOI Citation Formatter

    If the data you are using has been assigned a DOI, get a citation in three easy steps:

    1. Enter the DOI into the Formatter
    2. Choose your format
    3. Choose a language

    Don't have a DOI? Check the style guide for your preferred citation style.

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