Digital Scholarship Blog Posts

Yoo Young Lee
Digital User Experience
May 3,2016
I believe that there is no clear boundary between digital and physical when evaluating user experience as these two notions are intertwined. In the context of an academic library, digital presence such as library’s website can affect a positive or negative impact on services provided in a physical environment like research consultation and vice...
Tina Baich
April 18,2016
IUPUI University Library’s mission is to Inform, Connect, and Transform. The work I do as a resource sharing librarian is the literal fulfillment of our mission to Connect. My entire career as a librarian has focused on providing our users with access to the information resources they need to be successful in their teaching, research, and learning...
Jere Odell
Scholarly Communication
April 15,2016
The IUPUI Faculty Council adopted a rights retention, “opt out” open access policy about 18 months ago. Adopting a policy, however, was just an initial step toward honoring the campus's commitment to the broad and open dissemination of research and scholarship created by its authors. Building a culture of open access requires willing participants...
Jere Odell
Scholarly Communication
March 26,2016
If you're reading this, you probably already know that scholarly publishing is broken. Yes, it "works" for some people, some of the time. If you're a for-profit publisher you're probably raking in a 30-40% profit margin (Taylor). I doubt you think that's a "broken" model. But if you're an employee of a university, it's broken and you're broke ......
Caitlin Pollock
Digital Humanities
March 9,2016
Lately, I have fallen into deep digital humanities love with The Programming Historian (TPH). TPH is an excellent first step for those interested in learning more about digital humanities but do not know where to start. TPH has peer-reviewed lessons on different digital humanities research methodologies. The lessons cover...
Ted Polley, MLIS
Journal publishing
March 4,2016
Making maps in R is something that I have been curious about for some time. If you ask a geographer, R probably isn’t at the top of their list for creating maps. Dedicated GIS programs, such as ArcGIS, are most certainly a better choice if your sole interest is in visualizing geographic data. However, creating maps in R has some distinct...
Kristi Palmer
Library Administration
February 23,2016
Register NOW  The Humanities Intensive Learning & Teaching Institute is delighted to announce that HILT2016 registration is now open. HILT will be held June 13-16, 2016 with special events on June 17th at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. HILT is a partnership of IUPUI, IUPUI Libraries, the Maryland Institute...
Johnson, Jennifer Ann
February 19,2016
 In a rapidly changing technology environment it was only a matter of time that we would see some really cool things happening with 3D technology-particularly 3D scanning. University Library is embracing 3D scanning technology and finding ways to compliment the scanning initiatives that are already taking place with our cultural heritage and...
Yoo Young Lee
Digital User Experience
February 18,2016
In December 2015, I visited the National Library and Archives of Quebec – Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) – to see the exhibition of “The Library at Night – Great libraries of the world in a virtual-reality universe.” What made this exhibition unique was that visitors explored the 10 world libraries in a virtual environment by...
Tina Baich
February 8,2016
As the head of Bibliographic and Metadata Services (BAMS), I coordinate the metadata creation for the vast array of digital collections produced by the IUPUI University Library Center for Digital Scholarship. The involvement of catalogers in the process of metadata creation has brought an expertise in description to and enriched our digital...