SocArXic: An open archive for the social sciences

At the close of OA week, I want to mention a new open repository specifically dedicated to the social sciences, SocArXiv, which launched this past July. This project comes from a partnership between the Center for Open Science and the University of Maryland, who call attention to the need for a pre-print repository in the social sciences by stating:, ResearchGate, and SSRN are for-profit ventures with the goal of monetizing your research. SocArXiv is the non-profit, open source, open access alternative. Created by sociologists, librarians, and open science advocates, our only mission is to maximize access to social science and improve its quality. (

A pre-print archive for the social sciences makes perfect sense. Why should a body of scholarship primarily about people not be accessible by people? Furthermore, the inclusion of data sets and code help address issues of reproducibility, something as important in the social sciences as in the natural sciences. Check out the repository, and if you are a social scientist, consider depositing your work.

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Updated Oct 28, 2016 by Social Sciences & Digital Publishing Librarian