But it's Your Article ... You Have the Right to Share

Have you ever posted a published journal article to a lab website, ResearchGate, or Academia.edu? If so, there's a chance that you'll be receiving a copyright takedown notice in the future. Most subscription journals require authors to sign exclusive rights over to the publisher; so, even if you're the author and the publisher didn't pay you to write it, you don't own it.

That's what many authors of articles in journals published by the American Psychological Association (APA) are discovering this week. The APA has sent takedown notices to more than 80 universities and popular research sharing sites (Authors Peeved by APA’s Article Takedown Pilot, The Scientist). Articles that were once freely accessible to researchers, students, and the public, will now be shoved behind expensive paywalls. And while readers lose access, the authors lose readers.

But, the good news is here at IUPUI you have the right to share. In October 2014, the Faculty Council adopted an open access policy. In doing so, IUPUI faculty authors have retained their copyrights to scholarly articles as accepted for publication. That means that you can share the accepted manuscript of your articles in IUPUI ScholarWorks without delay and without worrying about future takedown notices.

Thanks to the IUPUI Open Access Policy, the libraries have openly archived close to 4,000 articles authored by IUPUI faculty members. These articles are indexed by academic search tools and are visited more than 16,000 times per month. The OA policy provides legal sharing that's free to you, free for readers, and easy. To share an article login to the OA policy site with your university credentials and upload an accepted manuscript and any tables and figures. The library will create metadata and archive a clean, discoverable, and machine-readable version for you in IUPUI ScholarWorks. Try it at: https://openaccess.iupui.edu/.

You can also share other works by depositing directly in IUPUI ScholarWorks -- working papers, book chapters, posters, reports, presentations ... anything that you own and want to share. We also have a growing data archiving tool.

It's easy to own and share your work at IUPUI.

-- Jere Odell (June 15, 2017)

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