Call for participation: IUPUI Data Catalog Pilot

The University Library Center for Digital Scholarship and the Ruth Lilly Medical Library are partnering to pilot a data catalog for research data generated by IUPUI researchers. The purpose of the Data Catalog is to enable researchers to share protected data in a controlled way. The Data Catalog will provide the same benefits as DataWorks – discoverability, registration via DOI, data citation, reuse, archiving, compliance with funder and publisher policies* - with additional choices for when and with whom to share your data. Since the data will be stored in the Scholarly Data Archive, sensitive or critical data (IU data classifications) can be included. The Data Catalog will contain documentation describing the project and data available for reuse in detail, as well as metadata to facilitate discovery and preservation. 

Participants will be asked to provide background information about the project that generated the data and the data itself. This information will enable us to create and enhance documentation and metadata. The purpose of the metadata is to facilitate data discovery, reuse, and citation. As your data are reused and cited, we will help you in gathering and reporting this evidence for your professional advancement – in your dossier for promotion and/or tenure, in grant proposals, and on your cv. We will walk you through the choices related to reuse, including the use agreement, license, and process for approval to make this as easy as possible.

If you have a dataset that you would like to share, contact Heather Coates at

*In many cases, funders and publishers allow exceptions to public accessibility, particularly if the data are protected by federal law (e.g., student data under FRPA, protected health information under HIPAA, or human subjects data under the Common Rule).

Updated Mar 05, 2018 by hcoates