Madame Walker Theatre

Madame Walker Theatre:

The iconic Madame Walker Theatre is one of the National Historic Landmarks, located in downtown Indianaplois. The theatre is not only home to many shows and citself to have a lasting copy of the original design. Below are just a few of our scans, to check out more visit our entire collection on Sketchfab. To enjoy the theatre for yourself feel free to find out more information at

Sphynx Stage Piece: Any first glance at the stage and you'll see two of these iconic Sphynx's looking out over the crowd. The stage piece was scanned in mutiple pieces (front, side, and lower base), with the rear of the statue being set into a pillar. It was scanned using the Creaform Go Scan 50, and took under an hour. 

Student 3D scanning front of SphinxStudent 3D scanning chest of SphynxPhoto of Front of Sphinx

Sphynx by IUPUI Center for Digital Scholarship on Sketchfab

Red Plush Chair: As the years come and go, so do the amenities of the theatre. This Red Plush chair was one of houndreds of seats that once filled the theatre. Unfortunately, every time a patron sits on one of these the chair slowly fades, tarnishes, and has to be replaced. Now that we have a 3D scan we will always have a glipse of what was. This was scanned using the Creaform Go Scan 50, and took less than an hour to scan.

Picture of Red Plush Chair next to 3D ScannerPlacing tracking markers on Red Plush ChairBack side of Red Plush Chair

Red Plush Theater Chair by IUPUI Center for Digital Scholarship on Sketchfab

Temple Salve Tin: Madame C.J. Walker made her fame and fourtune by making and selling beauty products. This is one of many of her products "Madame Walker's Wonderful Temple Salve." This ointment was used to rub on your skin, and used in conjuction with many of her other products. This tin was scanned using the Creaform Go Scan 20 in under 30 minutes. 

Picture of Temple SalveStudent 3D scanning Temple Salve TinPicture of Temple Salve Flipped over

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