Regatta X 2018

For Regatta 2018, we wanted to get the word out to the community about what we do, and to showcase what 3D scanning can do. So instead of just 3D scanning artifacts like we usually do, we decided to get more interaction by 3D scanning people's faces! With both of our scanners running in conjuction side by side we scanned over 150 people in under 6 hours. After your face was scanned, we promoted the possiblities of what you can do with your 3D face, such as 3D printing, VR, AR, or just another form of preservation. To view our entire Regatta 2018 faces visit our sketchfab collection

3D Scanning photo of visitor at Regatta 2018Photo of our 3D scanning booth at Regatta 2018Photo of Student 3D scanning booth visitor

Updated Oct 24, 2018 by gmaixner