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Indiana University School of Dentistry:

Dental students use physical teeth molds to learn from and study. This presents an issue where students have to carry these molds around with them from class to class, and are left to interpret these molds from 2D text book diagrams. In order to make the whole process easier, and to expedite the process we 3D scanned these teeth molds, and put them up online so students can view them without having to carry physical teeth molds. Sense the teeth are digital, it also allows Dental Professors to annotate, and mark key features of the model so students can go without the need of textbook to model translation. To view the rest of the collection visit our Sketchfab IU School of Dentistry Collection.

Fixed Partial Denture (#19FGC & #21MCC): This denture was scanned with the Creaform Go Scan 20 under 10 minutes.

front photo of denture moldside view of dentureback photo of denture

Fixed Partial Denture(#19FGC & #21MCC)-Preview by IUPUI Center for Digital Scholarship on Sketchfab

RPD Exercise: Modified dentoform: This mold was scanned with the Creaform Go Scan 20 under 10 minutes.

left side view of moldtop view of moldfront photo of mold

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