Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site

Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site:

The Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site is the historic home of Indiana's President Benjamin Harrison and his family. They are by far our largest and longest running partner with over 300+ artifacts 3D scanned. Below is just a few of our scans from their collection. To see more historical artifacts visit their collection page on Sketchfab, or to plan a trip in person visit

Plaster Statue of Benjamin Harrison: Full length figure of Benjamin Harrison cast in plaster done by Charles Henry Niehaus. Model for the statue in University Park, Indianapolis, IN. This plaster model is painted to appear like bronze. Harrison is holding a top hat in his right hand and his over coat is draped over his left arm. His left leg is forward giving the statue a walking stance. This statue was scanned using the Creaform Go Scan 50.

Photo of Plaster StatuePhoto of statue being scanned

Plaster Statue of Benjamin Harrison by IUPUI Center for Digital Scholarship on Sketchfab

Caroline Harrison Gold DressGold flowered silk one piece dress marked as being Caroline Harrison's. Fabric is a gold color and different shades outlines in black of a design of long stemmed flowers. 

Picture of front of Gold DressPhoto of back of Gold DressSide photo of Gold Dress

Gold Dress by IUPUI Center for Digital Scholarship on Sketchfab

Horn ChairTwelve horns make up the back and low arms (sides). The legs are one horn each with metal claw and glass ball feet. Tow horns curve from under seat to front legs. The horns are held together with metal screws or pins. The seat is covered in wild cat fur. Dennis M. O'Conner (Texas ranch owner) presented it to President Benjamin Harrison as an inaugural gift. 

Front photo of Horn ChairRear photo of Horn ChairClose up of Horns

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