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IUPUI University Library Atrium Sculpture

Annually, the IUPUI University Library and the Fischler Society sponsor an award in the amount of $2,500.00 dollars to one Herron School of Art and Design student for the design, construction, installation, and removal of artwork for the IUPUI University Library Atrium. Under the guidance of sculpture faculty, the student selected for this annual award is responsible for creating and installing their piece built to scale, reaching from the second to the fourth floor levels of the atrium. This annual competition gives Herron students real-life experience participating in a site-specific competition. Early in the Fall semester, students study the atrium environment in which the artwork will hang and then develop their piece to fit in the space. The adjudication is held late in the Fall semester when students must present a proposal/description with design specifications of the piece, a budget, and a scaled down model of the work to a select group of individuals.

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