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In celebration of June, LGBT Pride Month. . .

Following their mission of providing communities with access to all points of view, libraries and archives have been at the forefront of documenting, collecting, and providing access to LGBT history and culture.   While much of this work has been in the print environment, institutions are promoting wider access to this material through digitization and open online access.   Not unexpectedly the larger coastal city institutions have blazed the path to online collections, for example, the New York Public Library’s LGBT and HIV/AIDS Activist Collections and San Francisco’s GLBT Historical Archive’s online radio show archive, Gayback Machine

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Community Partners

In November 2014 IUPUI University Library will mark 21 years in its current location.  In celebration we share 21 stories that highlight successes of the Library's past while speaking to its future.  Story 17 focuses on the IUPUI University Library Center for Digital Scholarship and its collaboration with Indianapolis community groups.

21 years. 21 stories.

Click below for story 17.

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Proof of Impact

In 2007 IUPUI University Library partnered with the IUPUI Graduate Office to begin providing open access to students’ theses and dissertations.  In our promotional activities we focused on the benefits to students.  Their scholarship is:

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Digital Scholarship Dining

The staff of IUPUI University Library Center for Digital Scholarship spent a great deal of time (rightly so) toiling over: 1. Defining digital scholarship and, 2. What services we would focus on in connection with this definition. We struggled with describing digital scholarship similarly to others, wanting to ensure some cohesion with our national and international colleagues.  We also wanted to create a mission and suite of services that was unique to and served our university.   Creating a mission statement is precarious enough, add to this a yet solidly defined area of study and prepare to see a group of structure craving librarians squirm.   

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Developing a DPLA Hub in Indiana

The Beginnings

In Spring 2013 a survey was sent to organizations in Indiana that were known to already be creating digital collections related to Indiana history.  Responding were libraries, museums, historical societies, and archives.  The overwhelming feedback indicates that Indiana cultural heritage institutions are highly interested in continuing to talk about a Digital Public Library of America Service Hub in Indiana.

What is DPLA?

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